'Ready-made' Agency.
Like NEVER before!

Get 'Ready to Run & Earn'* Agency on a unique SmartAgency model, where you can start running an agency from day 1 without ever bothering about the backend work!

*Only for seasoned entrepreneurs.

Why most marketing agencies
SHUT OPERATIONS within a year?

Any Digital Agency’s core asset is the brains of its employees hence it’s a business of managing brains, not butts! To scale, one has to build the digital infrastructure to keep those brains engaged, excited, and productive.

While entrepreneurs rush to blame the public authority, obscure accomplices, or monetary foundations, they hardly ever blame themselves.

There are, obviously, circumstances in which the proprietor had zero power over what eventually happened, yet that is hardly the situation.

Key reasons for failure could be:

How is our SmartAgency model different?

Unlike owning an agency and bearing hefty recurring expenses every single month, our model lets you into the Digital Agency world
WITHOUT the need to invest thousands of dollars or hire a team or do the backend work!

Get On-board

Handle The Frontend

Leave Backend On Us

Yes! This isn't Rocket Science! It simply means you handle what you are good at
& we manage what we do best!

Salient features of the SmartAgency

Let’s take a look at some of the features of the SmartAgency that awaits you on the other side of this opportunity!
These features will make sure you never have to bother about the day-to-day operations or backend work of running an agency!

Unique Model

This is a one of a kind concept giving a very good opportunity to new entrants in the digital space to start an agency easily.

Perfect Website

A pixel perfect website with all modern features, lead forms etc. so you can start selling digital services with ease.

Wholesale Rates

Compete with existing agencies and win deals with our wholesale rates which makes selling a piece of cake.

Trusted Partner

Run the front-end department without any doubts. We are committed to being your trusted backend partners.

Seamless Deliveries

Never give your clients a chance to complain with our superfast quality deliverables &minimal back-and-forth's.

Ready Portfolio

Break the vicious cycle of 'No experience - no deal' with our ready to showcase portfolio which can sell on its own!

Take the free test to see
if you Pre-qualify to own a SmartAgency.

Love the Features but curious to dig deeper
into the specifics? We love that!

Time to unwrap the package and place it in its 'as is' form! No sugarcoating, no fancy terminologies! Let's talk about the specifics.

What exactly will you get with a SmartAgency?

Content ready website with your contact details so every lead comes directly into your mail box.


Website and design portfolio uploaded directly on the site, for your clients to view & decide.


Client proposals, presentations, contracts and every other document needed to secure a deal.


And an awesome team to handle client requirements.

The biggest benefit of a SmartAgency is that you absolutely don't require to hire even a single person in your backend team! Our skilled team will always be available to handle every requirement of your clients!

Website Developers

Graphic Designers


Ad Account Managers

Social Media Managers

Initial investment that you need to make?

We charge a one-time setup fee of $3040 which includes everything from Website to Portfolio and training session to backend team.

The cost boils down to $250/month which is cheaper than a monthly 3-course meal, for two! Seriously!

We aren't charging you an exorbitant setup fee as that's not the goal! We are aiming for our SmartAgency partners stability and bigger profits from client servicing in future!

Feel like saying
Shut up & take my money?
Well, hold on!

We are very picky about whom to get on board
as this isn't a typical franchise model!

There are only a finite number of SmartAgencies
that we intend to set up, and hence want to ensure that
we get the right people on board!

We encourage you
to take the test in order to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of questions equals to a lot of curiosity and we would chose 100 questions over no questions any day!

Is there a recurring cost?

No! and this is the best part. There won't be any monthly recurring expenditure incurred to handle the backend as everything will be taken care of from our end.

What will be my exact role?

1) You will be the agency owner in your region.
2) You will manage the front end clients.
(We will handle the service deliveries)

How much profit will I earn per client?

You will decide the profit percentage per client as you are the decision-maker! We will be facilitating this process by providing services at wholesale rates.

Do you currently have any SmartAgencies?

Yes! Although we started only a few weeks ago, we already have our presence in USA, India & Singapore and definitely looking to scale up more!

Have more questions?

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